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About WinUAE

Bernd Schmidt: Core UAE concept and implementation.
Toni Wilen: Win32 port, core code updates.
Brian King: Win32 port, Picasso96 RTG, and GUI.
Mathias Ortmann: Win32 port and bsdsocket support.
Bernd Meyer: JIT engine.
Bernd Roesch: MIDI input, many fixes.


And many contributors:
Alessandro Bissacco, Hannu Rummukainen, Andre Beck, Ed Hanway, Denis Sablic, Marcus Sundberg, Samuel Devulder, Stefan Reinauer, Marco Nelissen, Thierry Lescot, Bruno Coste, Oliver Moehrke, Per Olofssen, Tristan Cavelier, Ruben Martinez, Olivier Raoul, Markus Gietzen, Christian Schmitt, Herman ten Brugge, Tauno Taipaleenmaki, Michael Krause, Kai Kollmorgen, Stefan Ropke, Joanne Dow, Rodney Hester, Volker Zota, David Varley, Holger Jakob, Philippe Gerin, Jake Hamby, Chris Hames, Paul Kienitz, Sam Jordan, Adil Temel, Andreas Junghans, István Fábián, Thomas Kessler, Andreas Schildbach, Christian Buchner.


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