Bernd Schmidt

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Bernd Schmidt

Bernd is the great mastermind of UAE. He started the main UAE development on the 25th of February, 1995. Bernd has continued updating UAE, incorporating contributions and making progress on the core that all other versions of UAE were derived of. In the year 2002 he obviously began to lose interest in the development of the emulator.
These days, Toni Wilen is responsible for bringing the UAE code base forward, through the development of WinUAE. Before, all UAE versions were derived and ported from Bernd's original UAE. Now that WinUAE still receives very frequent updates, other developers moved on to include all the great new features of WinUAE in versions on other platforms. An good example for this is E-UAE, which ports the WinUAE base back to Linux, where the original UAE came from.
Bernd lives and studies in Germany.



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