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These settings allow you to manage config-files (which have the extension .uae). These config-files have both a name and description, and control the behaviour of WinUAE. Basically, a config-file is an encapsulation of the settings found on all the other pages in the GUI.



Loading a Configuration

You can load a configuration by selecting it from the list and then clicking the Load button, or by double-clicking a configuration in the list. You can use the Load From button to load a configuration from a different location on the hard disk.

Additionally, you can double-click any .uae config-file from the Windows Explorer, or from a Desktop Shortcut. The configuration will load, and if the Show GUI on Startup setting is disabled, WinUAE will immediately launch into emulation-mode, bypassing the GUI completely.


Saving a Configuration

To save your changes for a configuration which you've loaded, simply press the Save button. If you've made changes to a configuration and want to save it under a different name, simply change the Name field on this page of the GUI or select Save As. You can also adjust the Description field.

If you upgrade your version of WinUAE, it is best to delete or update your current configuration for the new version of WinUAE to use the new features!


Deleting a Configuration

Select a configuration from the list, and click the Delete button.


Exiting WinUAE

Select Quit or click on the X in the Window.


Resetting Amiga

Select Reset to restart the Amiga (equivalent to Ctrl+Amiga+Amiga keys).



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