Creating a Boot Disk

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Creating a Boot Disk

You can use the following procedure to create a fresh Workbench boot disk:

  1. Create a blank formatted disk using WinUAE
  2. Install ADFView and ADFOpus (see Links)
  3. Locate Workbench files from either a CD, Hard file, Directory or hard disk or some other locaiton
  4. Open Workbench.adf to view contents of your new ADF disk
  5. Create the following folders and copy any .info files from source folder to your Workbench.adf folders:
    S, C, L, T, Devs, System, Utilities, Libs, Expansion, Prefs, Classes, Rexxc, WBStartup
  6. Copy following files from the source S directory to S on your Workbench.adf:
    startup-sequence, user-startup (other files are optional)
  7. Copy following files from the source C directory to C on your Workbench.adf:
    addbuffers, adddatatypes, assign, avail, binddrivers, break, conclip, copy, date, delete, dir, ed, eval, execute,
    iconx, iprefs, list, loadwb, makedir, mount, protect, relabel, rename, setclock, setdate, setfont, setkeyboard,
    setpatch, version, wait, which (other commands are optional, if they are used in the startup-sequence or user-startup then include them too)
  8. Copy following files from the source Libs directory to Libs on your Workbench.adf:
    amigaguide.library, asl.library, bullet.library, commodities.library, datatypes,library, diskfont.library,
    iffparse.library, locale.library, lowlevel.library, mathieeedoubbas.library, mathieeedoubtrans.library,
    mathieeesingtrans.library, mathtrans.library, realtime.library, rexxsupport.library, rexxsyslib.library,
  9. Copy following files from the source L directory to L on your Workbench.adf
    aux-handler, CDFileSystem, CrossDosFileSystem, port-handler, queue-handler, FileSystem_Trans (and contents)
  10. Copy following files from the source System directory to System on your Workbench.adf (incl. .info files):
    CLI, DiskCopy, FixFonts, Format, NoFastMem, RexxMast, Shell
  11. Copy following files from the source Prefs directory to Prefs on your Workbench.adf:
    Contents of env-archive and Presets
  12. Copy the following files from the source RexxC directory to RexxC on your Workbench.adf
    HI, RX, RXC, RXLIB, RXSET, TCC, TCO, TE, TS, WaitForPort
  13. Copy following files from the source Devs directory to Devs on your Workbench.adf
    Contents of Datatypes, DOSDrivers, Keymaps, Monitors and Printers (contents should only contain what you need as this
    can take up quite a bit of disk space). Also these files: clipboard.device, mfm.device, parallel.device,,
    printer.device, parallel.device
  14. Copy any additional drivers or programs you require if there is still room

To test the file, insert the Workbench.adf in DF0: and try to boot WinUAE from it. It should boot and load Workbench.



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