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Hard Drives

This tab contains some very important options, because you can configure harddisks for your "Amiga".


Winuae - Hard Drives

Since using diskfiles is awkward, it is necessary to emulate harddisks. There are two ways how you can use large amounts of data with UAE: harddisk files and mounted directories.


Add Directory or Archive..

WinUAE - Add Directory


Adds a virtual HDD to your Amiga. You can specify a path to your desired folder in Windows,a Volume name and a device name (usually DHx) which will be used for the hard drive in the emulation.

This has some major advantages:

You can also use native filesystems to mount Amiga CD-ROMs, and you can abuse the hardfile emulation to mount floppy disks.
If you have a AmigaOS 3.9 CD you can boot from the Emergency-Boot directory to load Workbench (to read/write to it, copy the directory to your hard disk first and boot from that).

If you have Cloanto's Amiga Forever, you can boot from the supplied shared directory in C:\Program Files\Cloanto\Amiga Forever\Emulation\Shared\
dir\System folder. Directory drives can be set to a limit of 1 GB.


Use Select Archive or plain file to add an archive file (.zip, .7z, .rar, .lha, .lzh, .lzx) to appear as a disk on Workbench so there is no need to extract the files first.

You can mount a CD drive or image as a disk image on the desktop. You can select files of type cue, ccd, mds or iso. Select the drive or image from the pull down menu.

In earlier versions, directories can be unlimited in size. Now you can enable 'Limit size of directory drives to 1GB'.


Add Hardfile...

Add Hardfile


With this dialog you can add a hardfile. If you want to use an existing file, just click the ... button opposite Path and select the hdf file. If you want to add a new file, specify the number of megabytes (MB) you want it to be then click on Create, then in the dialog box state where on your PC hard disk you want to save your file e.g. System.hdf. I suggest 100 MB or greater.

Harddisk files are large files that contain the image of an Amiga filesystem. They work much the same way as a disk file. You can simply create a large empty file and tell UAE to use it as a hardfile, but you will need to format it from the emulation before you can actually use it.

If you are want to boot a hardfile under Kickstart 1.3, you need the FastFileSystem file from the L: directory to be placed in the kickstart roms-directory where WinUAE is installed.

If you are using WinUAE 0.8.22r1 or earlier and Kickstart 1.3 or earlier, hardfiles can't currently be mounted at boot time, and therefore you can't boot from it either. You will have to boot either from a Floppy Disk Image or from a Filesystem, and mount the hardfile.device later. To do this, add the following to "DEVS:mountlist":

Device = uaehf.device
Unit = 0
Flags = 0
Surfaces = 1
BlocksPerTrack = 32
Reserved = 1
Interleave = 0
LowCyl = 0 ; HighCyl = 511
Buffers = 5
DosType = 0x444F5300
BufMemType = 1

You may need to adjust the values if you specified a different geometry, and/or your hardfile has a different size than 8MB, and/or the hardfile is not mounted as UAE0: because you mounted other harddisks before it. Then, type "mount UAE0:" (or put that command in your startup-sequence), and you should be able to access it. Don't forget to format it with the AmigaOS!

If using HDToolbox to manage Hard files, then you must create hardfile normally or use harddisk image from your real Amiga but clear all
hardfile parameters except block size.(sectors, surfaces and reserved)

HDToolBox must be run with "uaehf.device"-parameter ("tools/hdtoolbox uaehf.device")

The HD Controller can emulate which controller to use such as UAE, IDE0-3, SCSI0-6 or SCSRAM.

Once you have selected a hardfile, it will display details about the cylinders, blocks, size and DOS type in the box.


Add Harddrive...

Add Harddrive

You can now add complete Harddrives to WinUAE, select from a dropdown list. This list will only pick up Amiga formatted drives, Amithlon partitions and empty partitions (not Windows partitions). Tick the Read/Write option if you wish to read and write to such a partition. The boxes below will display details about the hard drive selected, such as size.

NOTE: Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8 or later is required for this feature! You must also possess administrator rights!

Remove removes a harddisk from the configuration. Simply select a harddisk and click "Remove".

Properties allows you to change the settings for your virtual HDD. To adjust, click your desired HDD and select properties.

Include removable drives allows you to include USB drives or compact flash cards etc.

Include CD/DVD Drives allows you to add optical drives without needing a CDROM driver.

Automount Removable drives allows you to add removable drives such as USB, Firewire, Zip drives when a disk is inserted.

Add PC Drives at Startup mounts all available PC drive-letters for the Amiga to use except CD drives, using the following naming convention:


Drive Letter

Hard Drives


CD-ROM Drives


Floppy Drives


Network Drives


Removable Drives


RAM Disk Drives


NOTE: If a drive doesn't currently have a disc in it (floppy, CD-ROM, etc.), then this option will NOT mount the drive for use by the Amiga.

Include Network Drives: Add any mapped network drives to the hard drive list, for example, shared folders on other computers.

Disable UAEFSDB Support - This will disable the create of UAEFSDB files which store extra information such as additional protection flags for files when using Directory type of file systems.

Don't use Windows Recycle Bin - Excludes Windows Recycle Bin from emulation.

CDFS automount CD/DVD drives allows you to mount compact discs and DVDS without having to install a CD filing system.


Add SCSI Tape Drive...

Winuae - Tape Drive


You can now add Tape Drives to Winuae. Select a Path to a folder where data can be read or written to. It will work with Amix and any backup software that requires a tape drive.

Select directory Browse for an directory on hard disk to emulate tape drive.

Select archive or plain file Browse for an archive or normal backup file.

Read / write Enable read and write mode for tape drive otherwise it will use Read only mode.

HD Controller Specify controller to emulate e.g. UAE, IDE, SCSI, PCMCIA SRAM, PCMCIA IDE.

Add Tape Drive will add the new emulated tape drive to the Hard drive list.


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