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Hints For Power Users

This page contains some hints which might help you to get happier with WinUAE.


Adjust the CPU Idle slider to save Money

Modern CPUs save much power when they have nothing to do, for example you write a text or work with your workbench hear MP3 music. A AMD64 CPU in IDLE mode consumes 10 Watts. In full load mode, it uses 83 Watt. A P4 Prescott with E0 Stepping also has the ability to save a lot of power. A Athlon XP must disconnect the system bus. In most BIOS settings, this option is disabled, because old CPUs have bugs in this feature. You may try and activate it, if your system works stable.
Using the CPU IDLE feature saves you money, allows for lower opterating temperatures, and (if your fans are temperature controlled) less noise.

In the CPU tab you can choose the optimal value for power saving. The CPU must be set to fastest possible in A500 mode. You must set the slider so far right, so that the Windows Task Manager shows about 10-15% CPU load. If you set it more right, you save more CPU load, but WinUAE will generally run slower. But if you are on the road with a notebook it may be a good choice to sacrifice speed for more runtime. You can avoid the clock being incorrect using the timehack program.


Printing with WinUAE

Currently, there are 3 ways to print with WinUAE:


The uae_german keymap does not support µ or € Symbols

Recommend is the use of german_keymap_new.zip and set input other then compatibility Mode. This map is perfect compatible. For Euro you need of course a character set that support Euro Symbol, but work not in compatibility mode.See also the readme of it. Works only on 0.9.90 and above.


Using a Mousewheel

This work same as real amiga. Use the tool Freewheel from AmiNet.


WinUAE does not accept my hardfiles or show only CLI with my always used config

This happens if a second instance of WinUAE is running. It is not allowed to use the same hardfile with multiple WinUAE sessions at the same time. In very rare situations a very bad Amiga program crash could happen and prevent WinUAE from releasing the hardfile. So you can not load it in when you quit and start WinUAE. In this case, free the handle to the file manually or reboot Windows. If WinUAE takes long to boot you can switch on drive LEDs in the GUI. If the harddrive LED is on you know the hardfile is valid.


After resuming from hybernate state, the Amiga Clock shows the wrong time

Use the amiga program timehack. This is maybe also useful if you throttled CPU idle too much because time can then run 3-10% slower.


How to make custom screen resolutions for WinUAE

Powerstrip works OK now since Version 3.3 and nVidia drivers version 40 or later, so please make sure you are using the latest version of Powerstrip and nVidia drivers.

Create the modes:

It is also possible to create interlaced doublescan resolutions in this menu.


Using a real Amiga formatted Harddrive in WinUAE

This can be done in the harddrive page in the GUI. If there is no drive listed, it is possible that this drive has no Amiga/Amithlon Partition.


I have several damaged Amigas - can i use the Kickstart from them?

Follow the instructions on the Transrom page.


Using other filesystems on Hardfiles (SFS tested)

Create a Hardfile. For use with HDToolbox you must set the Sector Surface and Reserved numbers to 0. The volume name should show N/A. Make a hdtoolsbox Icon with device=uaehf.device. Now do all steps like with a real Amiga with HDToolsBox..


The mouse pointer freezes sometimes and I have to reboot

Make sure you have the serial port enabled and correctly configured. Also, make sure the "Shared" checkbox is checked to loose no speed.


Differences of CD drivers




Get UAE working in every dir/drive without changing configs

Make use of relative pathes to realize this.

WinUAE is in C:\Amiga\WinUAE, and Kickstart ROMs are in C:\Amiga\Kickstart.
For the kickstart path, enter ..\Kickstart.


UAE doesn't boot due to Picasso96 failure (Picasso96 is extremely slow)

Start UAE and immediately press both Mousebuttons when the main window is shown. In the Amiga Early Startup select "Boot without Startup-Sequence". Now remove or move the uaegfx file in devs:monitors. Start UAE, now the Workbench shows up. Just select a AmigaMode Save and copy uaegfx to devs/monitors again. If this should fail, reinstall Picasso96.

Don't forget to copy the rtg.library file, which can be found in the AmigaPrograms directory, to libs:picasso96.This is important for full speed of WinUAE.


A chipset Mode that UAE does not display makes UAE fail

OS 3.1:

OS 3.5/3.9:


UAE shows a green screen on boot

Go to the CPU page and select JIT -> Force Settings and Indirect Mode or disable JIT completely.


The folder "displaydrivers"

These are the picasso96 UAE drivers. Just ignore the drawer. The latest Picasso96 installer has correctly working display drivers included.


Tips for Tuning or random crashes



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