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I/O Ports

These settings let you control how parallel, serial and MIDI port emulations work.


Game and I/O Ports


This lets you specify which PC installed printer you want to use for printing for the "Amiga".
Type can be ASCII-Only for text only printing.
Type can be Epson Matrix Printer Emulation for older dot matrix type printers.
The Postscript (Passthrough) can be used if the printer supports the postscript language (usually laser printers).
The Postscript printer emulator will use Ghostscript program which will work with any Windows printer.
Ghostscript extra parameters. Specify extra options for Ghostscript program.
The Parallel Audio Sampler port can be None or DSound.



You can adjust the serial port (COM1....) to be used as serial port within UAE. All ports including virtual ports on your PC are selectable.

RTS/CTS handshaking can be enabled if its required for modems etc. If Direct is enabled then it will fix PC to PC Lotus 2 serial link problems when using serial port.

uaeserial.device is available for access to different types of serial ports if a program requires it including multiple ports and unit numbers.



Here you can select the MIDI - device(s) to be used. Only available when the Serial- emulation is enabled.
In Vista, you may not get a MIDI In device to use.


Protection Dongle

Herre you can select which game dongle to use including: None, Robocop 3, Leaderboard, B.A.T.II, Italy '90 Soccer, Dames Grand Maitre, Rugby Coach, Cricket Captain, Leviathan.



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