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Legal Notes

To actually run anything in UAE, you will need to install a Amiga Kickstart ROM image from an Amiga. You can't run UAE if you don't have this image.

Kickstart ROMs and Workbench disks are COPYRIGHTED by Amiga, Inc. and it is ILLEGAL to distribute them or download them from unauthorised sites.

These files are not included in WinUAE because of this. If you own a real Amiga, you can create everything you need yourself. This can be done with transrom. Alternatively, emulation packages can be bought from Cloanto directly or at one of the listed shops.

If you transfer commercial software, you must not distribute the resulting image files without permission of the copyright owner. The Kickstart ROM has to be considered commercial software. You may not distribute Kickstart ROM files. Please read the license that came with your software for details.

Neither WinUAE nor this helpfile will point you at illegal download sites, nor will you be provided with copyrighted material by any of the involved people.



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