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The Output tab allows you record video and audio (from selected codecs) to an AVI file.


WinUAE - Output

Output Properties

Output Name of output file to save to (default is C:\Output.avi).

Video Type of Video codec used to create/compress the video file.

Audio Type of Audio codec used to create/compress the audio data.

Disable frame rate limit - Removes any limits when recording certain types of screen

Disable sound output - Removes sound when record videos if not required.

Capture before filtering - Capture audio or video before filtering output.

Disable sound sync - Disable sound sync with video.

AVI output enabled - Output in Audio Video Interleave (AVI) format.



Save screenshot Allows you to take a snapshop of whats on the screen while emulation is running. Ideal for taking snaps of your latest high scores or your desktop easily. You can use the F11 key as well.

Pro Wizard Rips music scores.

Sample ripper will sample sounds.


Input Recorder

This can allow you to Record and Playback recorder input events saved with Winuae. They are saved as .inp files.



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