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Required Files

Since the PC floppy controller can't read Amiga disks, floppy access has to be emulated differently: Floppies are emulated by means of disk files that contain a raw image of the floppy disk you want to emulate. They can be created with transdisk.

As mentioned in the Legal Notes, you can not use WinUAE without an Amiga Kickstart ROM image. However, you can create on from your real Amiga using transrom.

In the "Amiga Programs" subdirectory you will find the two small Amiga programs that will help you generate the necessary image files. After you copied the tools to your Amiga, open the CLI. Refer to the transrom & transdisk pages for further information. NEVER run either of these programs from the Workbench! Always open a Shell or CLI window to do this.

UAE needs a Kickstart ROM file and a bootable disk image in order to boot the emulated Amiga. Disks can be inserted using the Floppies tab in the GUI. UAE has to be configured to use a "Kickstart ROM" in the ROM tab.



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