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WinUAE requires DirectX 8 or later, so on Windows 2000, you may need to install a more recent DirectX runtime. Select Start, Run and enter DXDIAG to see what version you have installed.

WinUAE no longer supports Windows 9x/NT4. If you need support for such an outdated operating system, WinUAE 0.8.8 still supports Windows NT 4.0 (see WinUAE-compat.exe). If short on memory or CPU, please use WinUAE-mini.exe (0.8.22r8).


Also, WinUAE requires some Amiga software in order to work properly:

If you are done with creating the necessary files on your Amiga, have a look at the Data Transfer Amiga <-> PC page.


Lastly, please keep in mind that WinUAE is a fairly hungry application and requires a lot of computing power to accurately emulate the Amiga. The following system is recommended before running WinUAE:

If you have everything you need, continue with the GUI to configure WinUAE properly. If the setup of the program is complete and the emulation is working, please refer to The Emulation for information if you have problems with certain Amiga - programs, and also for information on how to get out the most of WinUAE.



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