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These settings allow you to choose how WinUAE will display your Amiga-generated graphics. In a window, in a full-screen display, what resolution, etc.


WinUAE - Display

UAE uses DirectX in order to produce the graphics-output. You will need at least DirectX 8 for increased performance in Picasso96 screens. See Misc. tab. UAE's native pixel format is 16 Bit.

View the Picasso96 section to get more information about this feature.



72Hz or 75Hz.




Line Mode (interlaced)



Centering will center the Amiga display on the screen. This can be horizontally and/or vertically.

Refresh will set how often the screen will be updated. Useful on slower PCs or graphics cards.

PAL (Phase Alternating Line) or NTSC (National Television Steering Committee) mode

FPS adjust can be used to change Frames Per Second for display to speed up or slow down the display (default 50 fps).

Brightness, Contrast or Gamma levels can be set for the correct display set up.



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