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Here you can select, if (and how) UAE will provide sound emulation.


WinUAE - Sound

Sound device: Specify which sound card to use on your system.


Sound Emulation


Volume settings

Floppy Drive Sound Emulation

This feature enables the Disk Drive sounds like on a real Amiga so you can hear disks being read or written to. Select a drive and the Amiga emulation mode to use (A500 by default). The sliders are the volume controls.



This options allow you to adjust the settings for the sound-sampling. The higher Frequency and/or Sample Type, the higher will be the sound quality, but the slower will be the emulation. The Stereo mode can be set to Mono, Stereo, Cloned Stereo or 4 Channel. Stereo will use more CPU time.

Two new settings for Stereo Seperation and Stereo mixing delay can be set to improve stereo sound.

The Audio Filter allows you to emulate Sound Power LED and can be Always on, Always off or Emulated.
NOTE: High quality sound requires a lot of computing power, so try with different settings if your machine is not fast enough.

The Swap Channels can be used to swap between channels for Paula, AHI or both types of Sound chipsets.


Sound Buffering

Gives you access to the level of the used Direct Sound buffer. You should play with it if you get choppy sound.
Values can be from 1 to 7.
Also, you can set Interpolation on to smooth out sound but needs more computing power.
The Calibrate button will optimise the sound values for you to match your PC.



You can enable which host sound drivers you can use to ensure sound works such as DirectSound, WASAPI (Windows Audio Session) API, OpenAL (Open Audio Library) and PortAudio.



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