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Advanced Chipset

This page allows you to set specific chip parameters when emulating specific hardware such as clocks, CD drives, memory, and so on.


Adv. Chipset

Compatible Settings - If disabled, then it will allow you to change any settings below.

Battery Backed Up Read Time Clock - configures the clock type used in the Amiga or a custom clock. The RF5C01A is used in the A1200.

CIA-A TOD Clock Source - Complex Interface Adapter click settings used to time the clock. The Vertical Sync is the default.

CIA ROM Overlay - CIA/Gayle overlay emulation
A1000 Boot RAM/ROM - This is enabled when 8/64K ROM is used in the A1000.
DF0: ID Hardware - No ID is used if DF0: is a 3.5" Double Density drive.
CD32 CD - Enable use of CD32 custom CD drive.
CD32 C2P - Enable use of CD32's Chunky to Planar graphics modes.
CD32 NVRAM - Enable use of CD32's Non-Volatile RAM for saving games etc.
CDTV CD - Enable use of the CDTV (Commodore Dynamic Total Vision) custom CD drive.
CDTV SRAM - Enable use of CDTV's Static RAM.
CDTV SRAM Expansion - Enable use of CDTV's Static RAM expansion.
A600/A1200 IDE - Enable use of the Amiga 600 or 1200 internal IDE port.
A4000/A4000T IDE - Enable use of the Amiga 4000 internal IDE port(s).
CDTV-CR - CDTV Cost Reduced or MkII clone (never publicily released)
ROM Mirror (E0) - 1Mb ROM image support
ROM Mirror(A8) - 2Mb ROM image support
PCMCIA - Enable use of PCMCIA port featured on the A600/A1200.
KB Reset Warning - Keyboard reset warning
No-EHB Denise - No Extra Half Bright mode on Denise chip found on A1000.
C00000 is Fast RAM - Forces memory address into Fast RAM area.
CIA TOD Bug - CIA bug.
Z3 Autoconfig - Enable Zorro3 Autoconfiguration.
A1000 Agnus (8361/8367) - A1000's Agnus chip.
1MB Chip / 0.5M+0.5M. Enable 1MB Chip RAM made of two 512KB chips.
Custom register byte write bug. Enable a custom register byte write bug feature.


A3000 WD33C93 SCSI - Emulate the A3000 SCSI controller.
A4000T NCR53C710 SCSI - Emulate the A4000T SCSI controller.
CDTV WD33C93 SCSI - Enable the CDTV SCSI controller.

Ramsey revision - Specify the specific version of the Ramsey chip (default is 0F). This is the gate array Dynamic-static RAM controller.
Fat Gary revision - Specify the specific version of the Fat Gary chip (default is 00). This is the gate array system address decoding chip.
Agnus/Alice revision - Specify the specific version of the Agnus/Alice chip (default is 21).
Denise/Lisa revision - Specify the specific version of the Denise/Lisa chip (default is F). This is the graphics chip.



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