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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the latest UAE?

Have a look at our collection of official UAE sites.


Can a PC read Amiga floppy disks?

Yes, if you have two floppy drives and the new Disk2FDI program which will read Amiga Disks and write it to FDI format which is
compatible with WinUAE.
For the PC to read Amiga disks directly, extra hardware will need to be purchased which can read (or write) Amiga disks easily. The ISA Catweasel floppy controller can be used on the PC to read (or write) Amiga disks. Further information is available from the web site at Individual Computers.
Finally, if these options are not feasible, why not buy a real Amiga second hand for those occasions when you want to transfer files and you'll have access to a real KS and WB for use on your main machine.


What are ADFs, ADZ, LHA, LZX, DMS, ZIP and Z files?

An ADF is an image of an Amiga disk, so that the long filenames, comments, and flags are kept. The ADFs have to be copied to PC formatted disks to be read on the Amiga. ADZ files are GZIP'd ADF files. You need GZIP.EXE to access the original ADF files. Keeping them GZIP'd will save space and WinUAE can extract them automatically.
LHA is the common file archive format on the Amiga, Aminet uses it a lot as well as DMS (Disk Masher) which is a disk archive format. You can use DMS, xDMS or ADFOpus to extract or convert DMS archives to ADF. You need LHA and LZX programs to archive or unarchive files. For example, to unarchive a lha file, type LHA X GAME.LHA to extract the files to the current directory. To make an archive, type LHA A GAME.LHA GameDir/#? which will add all files in GameDir to GAME.LHA. To list files, type LHA L GAME.LHA.
If using LHA on the PC with Amiga lha files, use the /ax options to allow the files to be extracted properly. LZX is a newer faster and more compact archiver than LHA and requires the LZX program to extract them. All these unarchivers are available from Aminet. Try the W95 UnLZX program to extract LZX files on your PC.
Amigas can also handle the common ZIP format using the ZIP and UNZIP commands (equivalent to PKZIP and PKUNZIP on the PC). The Amiga version of the unix GZIP format can handle .Z and .ADZ files.
You can download all the Amiga (de)archivers from here: Amiga Archivers for use within WinUAE or try X-Arc from Aminet for use in Workbench.


Can I emulate a Hard Disk?

Yes, that is possible. You can either specify a directory on the PC's hard disk e.g. C:\UAE\AmigaHD or you can specify a hard file. The
advantage of a directory is that you can copy files directly from the PC site into the directory for immediate access by the Emulator. For hard
files you can use the Amiga's long filenames, file comments and protection flags. For a hard disk to be bootable, make sure you copy the whole
Workbench disk including hidden directories. Some programs work better with Hard Files than directories.
For more information see Hard disk setup.
WinUAE 0.8.22 or later can read Amiga Formatted hard disks directly via the Hard Drives tab on WinUAE. Click on Add Harddrive and it
will list any connected Amiga harddrives or any empty harddrive space to add to WinUAE. On older emulators, you could only access hard
disks via the AFFS file system on Linux or a third party program such as ADFOpus.
If using Workbench 1.3, it is now possible to use HardFiles if you copy the FastFileSystem file to the WinUAE roms directory first (0.8.22r1 or later).
The HDF may not be recognised on bootup, in which case, boot off a WB2 or later disk to format it, then WB1.3 can then see it.


Can I access Amiga CDs via the Emulator?

Yes, Amiga CDs use the same filesystem for CDs as the PC i.e. ISO9660 except that it uses the Rock Ridge extension for long filenames, PCS use
a filesystem called Joliet for long filenames. CacheCDFS can read all these formats.

There are two ways to access Amiga CD disks: insert the CD into your CD drive, on the Hard Drive screen of WinUAE, click 'Add Directory'
and then enter the volume name of the CD and the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive e.g. D: (without the slash). Use the Diskchange <device>
command in a Shell if you change CDs (type Info for list of devices).

With WinUAE 0.8.21 or later you can install the CacheCDFS CDROM drivers from either AmigaOS3.9 CD or a third party driver such as
AmiCDFS. You need to enable uaescsi.device on the Misc tab before starting WinUAE and enable Logging to determine the Unit
numbers (see WinUAElog.txt file) for your CDROM drive. When you install the drive make sure the device is uaescsi.device and the unit numbers
match the unit numbers in the log file.

Example if you have only an IDE controller:

0=Primary Master
1=Secondary Master

When you use WinXP, it is best to switch off "Use ASPI Scsi Layer" the Misc settings page. Only activate it if you notice problems without it.


What limitations can I expect from using WinUAE?

An emulator can not fully emulate everything on the Amiga as it has to emulate the CPU and the Custom Chipset and all other special hardware. The latest versions of WinUAE will try to use buffers for sound to improve output and JIT for extra CPU speed, chipset graphics is improving but 256 colours can be very slow due to the Amiga's bitmap system of using multiple layers. Using Picasso96 emulation can improve graphics a lot, use that wherever possible.
Emulators are improved all the time, so keep an eye out for new versions. Sound emulation can depend on your processor as well, turning it off will improve emulation speed though.
It can not use the MMU on higher 680x0 processors. This means that programs that require Memory Management such as Linux or Virtual Memory will not work in WinUAE.


How do I create a blank disk for saving files or games?

Go to the floppies tab and click the button "Create Standard Floppy" for use in Workbench or use "Create Custom Floppy" for some games to save files to.
For specific save game disks visit Back2Roots.


I have all my floppy drives full, how do I change disks?

Press END key and either F1, F2, F3, F4 to do a disk change.
Using SHIFT+END and F1-F4 will eject the disk.
You can also press F12 for the setup screen and select Floppy to change the disk while its running.


How do I save the current "State" of a game?

On WinUAE 0.8.17 or later you can now save the current state by pressing F12, go to the Misc screen and click 'Save current state'
which will save the state as a .USS file. Use 'Load a save-state snapshot' to load state file. You will need as much disk space as
memory allocated to the Amiga.


Why should I buy Amiga Forever CD or AF Online?

Unless you have access to a real Amiga, or have bought a Kickstart and Workbench disks, there is no other legal way of getting the OS for your emulation. The software is the property of Amiga Inc and only they can licence it to companies. Cloanto, have a licence, to distribute Amiga Emulation with Kickstart ROM files and Workbench images from CD or from their web site. The CD also includes some popular Amiga Software, a complete Workbench hard disk setup, MPEG videos of Jay Miner's speech and the Deathbed Vigil (last days of Commodore), Amiga Explorer network program etc.You can also boot from the CD direct into the Emulator without the need of a host OS using KX Light.

For easy access you can download the online version for as little as $20, you get Kickstart and Workbench 1.3 and 3.0, PPaint 7.1, an easy setup menu system, Amiga Explorer and the Emulation programs themselves. These would cost a lot more if bought seperately. For beginners, it is ideal to set up an Amiga on your PC within minutes than having to search the web for them and fiddle with setups to get it to work!
To check it out and get your copy visit Amiga Forever.


Can I access the Internet through WinUAE?

That is possible. You can through the PC's Internet connection by enabling the BSD socket library support feature on the MISC page of WinUAE configuration. Make sure you go on line before loading WinUAE.


How can I make or see inside ADF files without using an emulator?

You need ADFOpus or ADFView which will allow you to create and explore and manipulate the contents of Amiga Disk Format images easily. ADFOpus also features a DMS-ADF-ADZ image converter as well. Both tools can be found in our links section.


Why does my program / game not work correctly?

First make sure your UAE configuration matches the game's requirements. Very old games depend on specific versions of Kickstart, processor and memory. See Example Configurations for a list of the most common Amiga configurations. If you still have problems then download a patch from the Patch & HD Installers Page or WHDLoad, which can degrade the Amiga to such a state that the program will run correctly. You will probably need to get the latest AmigaOS Installer from Aminet to install these tools.
Also, try using Fellow or WinFellow as an alternative emulator to run the game.


I have installed Windows XP Home Edition but WinUAE now crashes?

It is recommended that you download the latest version of WinUAE from the official homepage. This is especially important for users of AmigaForever 4, where the setup will crash.

You need to run older versions of WinUAE in Compatibility Mode. Find WinUAE.exe and select it, press right mouse button and select Properties, select Compatibility tab and change the Compatibility mode to Windows 98/Windows Me and tick 'Disable Windows themes'. WinUAE should now load.


Where can I download a good Workbench set up with useful programs?

Get Amiga In a Box from AIAB which includes Scalos (Workbench replacement), MUI 3.8, Picasso96, NewIcons, VisualPrefs, MCP, MUI tools and Screentab. There are addons for Music, Internet, Languages and Shapeshifter.


When I run WinUAE, I get an error DINPUT8.DLL not found?

You need DirectX 8 or later installed. Run DXDiag.exe to see what version you have installed.

A chart of DirectX versions that ship with supported versions of Windows:

Windows Version

DirectX Version









Vista SP1+







How do I create a bootable floppy (real or ADF)?

Boot off your Workbench disk, insert a floppy disk in DF1:, open a command Shell and type Install DF1: which will copy the book block on to the disk. Then type MakeDir DF1:S to create the Script directory. Copy your program file(s) on the disk, preferably root or use directories if you wanted to. Then change directory to DF1:S and type Ed Startup-sequence and type in commands to load your program, usually just the name of the Program file will do. Test the disk, by inserting the disk into DF0: and Reboot the Amiga.


I have a Workbench disk but no Install disk, how do I install Workbench?

You can download UAEInstall.adf disk which has some AmigaDOS or Installer scripts to install Workbench for most Workbench versions including 1.3 to 3.1.


Is there an emulator for the AmigaOne or PPC processor?

There is a Classic Amiga emulator for the AmigaOne that comes with AmigaOS 4. There is a PPC emulator for x86 systems from PearPC.



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