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Here are the default paths for various configuration, ROM, screenshots, save states and saved images. The default paths are shown here, mainly as sub-folders of the WinUAE folder where you installed WinUAE. The location may be different on your computer. To use a different path click on the '...' to select a new location.


WinUAE - Paths

System ROMs Location of Kickstart Roms needed to boot Amiga.

Configuration files Location of .uae configuration files for different models or configurations of Amigas.

ScreenshotsSaves screenshots of the Amiga screen, see the Output tab.

State files Saves memory to a state file. Useful for saving game positions.

Videos Saves video output to files here.

Saveimages Saves ADF floppy images here.

Rips Saves music and sound ripped files here.


Reset to defaults Changes all paths back to the WinUAE defaults (use pulldown for type of defaults to use)

Rescan ROMs Look for Kickstart Roms on hard disk.

Clear disk history Remove history of disks used previously.

Presets select a preset to change paths to match emulation version i.e Winuae default (User directory), Winuae default (EXE directory), or AmigaForever. Then click on Reset to Defaults to change paths.

Use relative paths Allows use of relative paths to Winuae program location for running via USB e.g. .\Configurations\, .\Screenshots\, etc

Portable mode Allows Winuae to be portable and with relative paths, then click Reset to defaults can allow Winuae to be run from anywhere.


Debug logging Name of the winuae boot log file.

Enable full logging Determines if a full rather than a shorter log file is created.

Log window Display log in a window.

Log path and file name Full path to the log name.

Save All Saves the log file.

Open Opens the current log file.




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